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Emergency Medical Service

Explore Missouri Ambulance Association’s Membership Tiers

Ambulances supported by the Missouri Ambulance Association in the Missouri state area help EMS professionals serve their community 24/7.

Missouri Ambulance Association offers four membership tiers. We offer memberships for those who wish to be active members of the Association and professionals who want to be affiliated with the Association but do not want to be active members. Vendors who provide products and services to Missouri's first responders are also invited to join the Association. Learn more about each membership opportunity.

Active Member

This membership tier is available to any political subdivision, person, partnership, corporation, or Association that provides ambulance transportation as long as they meet the standards prescribed by the Board of Directors. Each Active Member names one representative and an alternate representative for all Association functions. 


The primary representative (or, in the absence of the primary representative, the alternate representative) represents the organization as an Association member to vote on the Association's official business. The designated primary and alternate representatives should be owners, board members, and executive or managerial officers. 

An active member of the Association who becomes ineligible for Active Membership shall automatically become an Associate member. Active member dues are determined by call volume. Yearly due amounts are:

  • 0-3000 Calls | $500 

  • 3001-7500 Calls  | $800

  • 7501-10,000 Calls | $1,100 

  • 10,001+ Calls  | $1,400

Associate Member

Those not providing ambulance services and transportation can join the Association as an Associate Membership. In addition, any political subdivision, person, firm, or Association who joined as an Active Member and has since become ineligible to continue as an Active Member can automatically become an Associate Member. This membership tier does not include voting privileges, and associate members cannot hold office.

Associate members pay a $50 yearly fee.

Commercial Member

A Commercial Member of the Association includes any individual, partnership, corporation, or Association that manufactures, rents, sells equipment or provides services used by professional ambulance services providers. Commercial Members cannot vote or hold office. Commercial members pay an $800 per year membership fee.

Membership includes:

  • EMS Day at the Capitol

  • MAA Summer Leadership Seminar-Board Member Training (Basic & Advanced)

  • MO NAEMSP Medical Directors Course & Reimbursement/HR

  • Fall Supervisor and Leadership Seminar

Honorary Member

The MAA Board of Directors names Honorary Members to the Association. This membership does not include voting privileges, and honorary members cannot hold office. As this membership is a high honor bestowed upon individuals for their service, honorary members are not required to pay dues.

Missouri Ambulance Association membership provides resources for Emergency Medical Technicians across the MO state area
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