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Ambulance Board Training

Board members for ambulance districts approve expenditures for the district and facilitate the hiring of leadership. Residents elect each board member and serve a three-year term (on average). These leaders must understand the intricacies of daily operations and how to assess expenditure requests.

Ambulance board training from MAA helps EMS leadership train leaders who understand the job

MAA also believes transparency, accountability, and trust are crucial when serving in this role. Education about fiscal responsibility and accountability helps elected board members understand that their role answers the people. All expenses, meeting minutes, and hiring searches must follow Missouri's Sunshine Law guidelines. The public has access to many of the Board's decisions and actions, and board members must be open and honest about their decisions, spending, and leadership.

MAA's leadership conferences cover the legal and ethical responsibilites of board service. These conferences and classes also help new board members better understand the expectations of their roles.

Fire Board Training

An elected Board of Directors oversees every public/municipal fire district or department. This Board functions in the same capacity as an ambulance Board of Directors, with each director serving a three-year term (on average).

Training sessions for fire board members focus on crucial leadership development and ethical and legal responsibilities. Fire board members could be tasked with job searches for a leadership role, and MAA's seminars teach new directors how to navigate these searches transparently.

Firefighters jacket, helmet, and emergency vehicle, utilized in Fire Board Training supported by the Missouri Ambulance Association in the State of Missouri

Ongoing Board Member Training Sessions and Virtual Seminars

MAA members receive proper board member training and guidance through a training session and virtual seminar provided by the Missouri Ambulance Association via laptop.

MAA helped initiate legislative action for state mandates requiring all EMS board members to receive proper training and guidance. The Missouri Ambulance Association oversees and facilitates all board leadership training for the state. The Association hosts a Summer Seminar for fire board and medical director training.

Virtual Board Member Training

Not every new board member can take the time to attend in-person training events. MAA offers virtual board member training sessions throughout the year.

Virtual leadership training provided by the Missouri Ambulance Association can be completed at convenient times
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