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EMS members rescuing a patient in an ambulance supported by the Missouri Ambulance Association

About MAA: Leading Change and Advancing EMS Services Across Missouri

The MAA seeks to improve and promote partnerships and cooperation between EMS services in the state of Missouri. Through outreach, educational training, and events, the Association advances the vital importance of EMS services and elevates awareness about crucial care concerns faced by teams and Districts providing emergency response.

The Association is guided by one simple mission and adheres to seven core principles. A governing Board of Directors provides oversight for the Association, its membership standards, and all outreach, advocacy, and educational services.

The Mission of the Missouri Ambulance Association

Our mission is simple, succinct, and clear: 

The MAA strives to provide a common voice for advancement of emergency medical services in Missouri.

Missouri Ambulance Association Vision Statement

The MAA works to promote cooperation of emergency medical services in Missouri and serves as a common voice to protect the integrity and for the betterment of EMS within the state while promoting the general health and safety of our population.


The values statement of MAA follows the acronym L.E.A.D.E.R.S. The Missouri Ambulance Association adheres to these seven key values:

MAA supports seasonal events attended by Mercy Hospital Emergency Medical Services Members in the Missouri state area.


We will dedicate our efforts to always building this Association with strong, well-informed and capable leaders.


We will promote education and avenues for the involvement of all agencies within their legislative bodies.


We will offer opportunities for enhancement and growth of agencies and providers at all levels in and outside of our association.


We will strive to build the confidence and self-determination of our agencies to serve with knowledge and integrity within their communities.


We will provide opportunities for leaders within our member agencies to gain knowledge and resources to advance their agencies.


We will promote safety and best practices of our industry at all times.


We will serve as a strong voice within our state legislation to better the laws and regulations of our industry.

Meet the MAA Board

A Board of Directors oversees the work, expenditures, and outreach efforts on behalf of the Missouri Ambulance Association. Members serve a 2 year term and meet once per month.

John Barclay

Sponsoring Agency

NTA Ambulance District

Katherine Probst
Vice President

Sponsoring Agency

Adair County Ambulance District

Ray Antonacci

Sponsoring Agency

Lincoln County Ambulance District

Bob Patterson

Sponsoring Agency

Mercy Emergency Medical Services

Barb Shupe
Executive Director

Sponsoring Agency
Missouri Ambulance Association

Larry Chasteen

Sponsoring Agency

North Scott County Ambulance District

Chuck Doss

Sponsoring Agency

 MU Health Care

Shane Lockard

Sponsoring Agency

Johnson County Ambulance District

Tyler Juden

Sponsoring Agency

Stoddard County Ambulance District

Valerie Wilson

Sponsoring Agency

Mercy Emergency Medical Services

Matt Bowen

Sponsoring Agency

Linn County Ambulance District

Brian Hokamp

Sponsoring Agency

Christian Hospital EMS

Ken McKenzie

Sponsoring Agency 

Oregon County Ambulance District

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