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Setting the Industry Standard for Leadership Development Training

Missouri Ambulance Association Member developing leadership training and setting industry standard for MAA in the Missouri State area

The Missouri Ambulance Association is integral in advancing the knowledge of EMS leadership through ongoing training sessions and seminars. MAA bridges the knowledge gap between a subordinate role and a leadership-level position; virtual or in-person training sessions and classes provide the necessary skills to manage a crew of first responders.

In many rural or small communities, EMS leaders need more training or guidance when they step into their new supervisory role. Some new Chiefs are promoted to their role after less than a year of service as an EMT or paramedic. MAA identified the need for cohesive and consistent training for new Chiefs and other top-level roles at Districts and ambulance providers across the state; the Association offers the most comprehensive training and development seminars specifically designed for Missouri EMS leadership.

Emergency Medical Technician attending a patient in an ambulance supported by the Missouri Ambulance Association in the Missouri state area.

Summer Leadership Seminar

The Summer Leadership Seminar is scheduled for June 18-19, 2024. The itinerary for this year’s seminar includes:

  • Medicaid Update from Missouri HealthNet

  • *BEMS Updates from EMS Bureau Chief

  • *EMS Billing 101 Course by EMS MC

  • *EMS Consolidation/Contracting Session

  • *NAEMSP-Foundation of Medical Oversight Course

  • Basic & Advanced Ambulance & Fire Board Member Training.

  • Reimbursement/Compliance/Privacy Updates

  • HR & Leadership Session

Fall Supervisor and Leadership Seminar

This yearly seminar for EMS leaders includes pertinent topics that help them navigate and manage the emergency response of their crews. This year, the seminar includes sessions on:

  • *Mutual Aid/Disaster Response Training

  • *CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) Concept Course

  • *EMS Instructor Track-BEMS Training/Licensure Updates,Platinum Planner Review, Simulation Utilization, (Instructor CEU's)

MAA Virtual EMS Leadership Conference

The Missouri Ambulance Association offers virtual leadership training and conferences throughout the year. New Chiefs and executive-level leaders can participate in these sessions to learn how to acclimate to their new role, gain insight into concerns they may face as they lead and develop their crews, and identify and master the new responsibilities crucial to day-to-day operations.

Missouri Ambulance Association Member participating in an online virtual leadership and training conference to continue education and master new responsibilities crucial to day-to-day operations
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